Essence of place


Mols bjerge

Aarhus Tower

Tonic Water


is an adventurous brand.

GIN HEROES is a true family business; an adventurous brand, products made with passion, love of nature and inspiring places and great craftsmanship. Mix your G&T with quality, dreams and a strong sense of place. All ingredients for your G&T are found in nature and with our different products we give the real GIN HEROES out there the opportunity to taste these different types of nature – mixed with the cultural influences of sites and cities we love. Our bottles offer handcrafted gin, distilled in small copper pot stills using the infusion method.

Each of our gins represent a special setting. A place which has something unique to offer; be it wild, untamed nature or characteristic urban hotspots. In other words we have distilled places we love into a spicy essence for you to enjoy.

To be enjoyed responsibly, in a pleasant atmosphere and in the company of good people...and preferably in a symbiotic mix with our own fine tuned crispy TONIC WATER.

How natural ingredients come together to create an enjoyable essence of unique places.

Production process


Harvested in fantastic Danish landscapes

Carefully handpicked juniper berries.


Distilled passion

Handcrafted in copperhead pot stills


Production: essence of places we love – beautifully bottled

Sharing our love of quality with gin lovers


Result: A magical experience

Enjoy responsibly in the company of good people